PPE Sanitation Station



A. Dispense Travel-Size Essentials Anywhere

  • First Aid size PPE Vending Machine can dispense:
    10-pack protective face masks
    1oz or 2oz hand sanitizer gel
    10-pack single-use anti-bacterial wipes
    Nitrile or PVC Gloves
    Most generic travel-size items
    23.6” wide X 31.5” high X 7.8” deep
    Comes equipped with a security cam lock
    Has a modern 7” inch touch screen
    Includes five product trays, which are adjustable
    Bill acceptor that can accept $1, $5, $10 & $20
    Option to replace the bill acceptor with a cashless terminal
    Option to replace the bill acceptor with a QR / RFID scanner
    Optional custom branding or graphics

B. Larger PPE Sanitation Station for high traffic locations. Capacity 250 packs

  • Combination packs that contain several products, for example, a mask, hand sanitizer gel and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Or it can be configured to sell individual products.
  • Remote  cloud-based inventory audit and management control
  • Touch screen
  • Customer control of vending machine from cell phone

Machine dimensions; 72” (183cm) X 24” (61cm) X 15” (38cm) H,W,D.
• Large touch screen User Interface AND Touch less UI via customer mobile phone
• Cashless payment terminal
• QR / RFID scanner (both as standard)
• Remote cloud-based inventory & revenue audit
• Remote advertising management
• Automated Text alerts for low inventory
• Customer email receipts upon request
• Powder-coated durable steel cabinet
• Power input 110 VAC or configured to other voltages
• Internal operating power 12 – 24 VDC
• Mounting points for stability to the rear and bottom

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