Negative Pressure Ambulance



Ambulance marking: International rescue marking

Engine type: 4RB2

Displacement: 2.438 L

Fuel types: Gazoline / Petrol

Emission standard: EURO V

Color: White

6 seats (2 in driving cabin and 4 in rear cabin

Front/Rear Air-conditioning

Alarm system: LED blue alarm light( with 100W loudspeaker) Light and Megaphone controller

Sterilization system: Ultraviolet air sterilization lamp

Power converter: vehicular power converter (1000w)
Power socket: 220V socket、 12V DC socket( 2set)

Floor: specialized medical floor material

Communication system: front &rear intercommunication system

Oxygen supply system: 10L Oxygen cylinder with oxygen pressure gauge& moistener(2set)

Electric sputum aspirator
Alloyed ash bin
Safety rails
Negative pressure isolation chamber
Negative pressure equipment

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