Large Mobile Oxygen Generating System O2



93% O2 Safe for Medical use

Capacity: 8-180 Hospital cylinders generating O2 + filling capacity.

PRICE: depending on cylinder’s production capacity required.

Origin: USA

Delivery plan: 8 weeks production + transit time  (ocean freight or Air freight)

Eliminates dependency of cylinder filling

* Turnkey

* Produces oxygen 24/7

* Low operating costs

* Easily transportable

Empty Oxygen Cylinder available as well

  • How Do Oxygen Generating Plants Work?
    Our plants produce oxygen by means of an air separation process called pressure swing adsorption (PSA).
    The O2 is only produced upon demand. Very little O2 is stored in the system, which is a safety feature.
  • The air we breathe generally contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.8% argon, with the balance
    being pollution & other gases.
  • A PSA oxygen generator uses a material called molecular sieve, which adsorbs nitrogen much like how a
    sponge adsorbs water. Compressed air is passed through a column of sieve, which adsorbs the nitrogen in the
    air and allows the oxygen to pass on through to a low pressure holding tank. The nitrogen is later exhausted
    out of the sieve bed to get it ready for the next stream of air.
  • PSA systems have an advantage over Liquid Oxygen (LOX) systems because they do not lose O2 like
    LOX tanks, which need to vent at least 1% of their volume per day to limit pressure in the storage vessel.
  • The oxygen purity from our plants is typically at 93%, with the balance being even amounts of nitrogen &
    argon. This purity meets the medical requirements of the US Pharmacopeial Convention (US FDA), Canadian
    Standards Association (CSA), & ISO 10083 (European) specifications.
  • The low-pressure produced oxygen can then be compressed to fill high-pressure O2 cylinders.
  • What size CFP’s are available from our Oxygen Generating Systems?
    Currently, we offer (8) different sizes for oxygen cylinder filling plants. The plant size is based on how many high pressure (6m3 or H-size) cylinders the plant can fill in 24 hours. Listed below is a quick reference on the model and capacity of each plant.
Model CFP-175
Model CFP-250
Model CFP-375
Model CFP-500
Model CFP-650
Model CFP-1000
Model CFP-1250
Model CFP-1800
10 cyl’s/day
20 cyl’s/day
37 cyl’s/day
50 cyl’s/day
60 cyl’s/day
100 cyl’s/day
120 cyl’s/day
180 cyl’s/day

All models are complete skid mounted oxygen plants that are factory tested, and include instrumentation to insure compliance to medical oxygen standards. These plants are designed to be shipped in standard 20 or 40-foot ocean containers. Power and shelter for the plant are all that is required at the site to get started

Part #
Oxygen Cylinder
Size CGA Valve
2540001.00K K 540
2540001.00M M 540
2540001.00D D 870
TBD E 870


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