Innovative solution on the market: Super COBRA Insecticides 125 ml One-Shot by GMC

Works on a broad range of crawling, flying, and stinging insects.

The One Shot Multi-insect combined that kills all Crawling and Flying insects, including bedbugs!

Professional formula! EFFECTIVE ON SO MANY INSECTS

Effective way to eliminate all insects and bed bugs in a room up to 125 m3

Quick Action! One-use dispenser, application is done in 1 min(125ml nebula), access to the area is allowed after 15 min.

Against all flies, mosquitoes including anopheles(Malaria Vector), Tiger mosquitoes, wasps, clothes-moths

The new cost-effective solution for the elimination of bed bugs, fleas, Ants, spiders.

Suitable for home use and Hotel industry.

Formula tested and certified by TEC Laboratories France

Composition(P19): GÉNÉRATEUR D’AÉROSOL (AE) – PT18. D-TETRAMETHRIN (N°CAS: 1166-46-7) 0,17% (M/M); CYPHENOTHRIN (N°CAS: 39515-40-7) 0,17% (M/M)

Registered and approved in France.

Made in France.

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