Medical Ventilator MV20 Eliciae



Medical Ventilator MV20 Eliciae

The Eliciae MV20: Next generation robust and inexpensive ventilator for emergency treatment!

The Eliciae MV20 ventilators made in Japan use the most advanced technology in the industry, are easy to use and environmentally-friendly, and meet the examination and treatment needs of hospitals not only in big cities but also in remote areas.

The Eliciae MV20

It provides time-cycled, pressure limited ventilation (PCV)
The user-interface is extremely easy to use. Almost no setting changes required between patients.
The system design is very compact, and rugged. Suitable for temporary hospitals and beds.

Our solution is for cuffed-intubated patients with all exhalation from the patient able to be collected by a
scavenging unit. It is not a mask or a nasal unit.
Our solution is a pressure controlled, time-limited device with automatic tidal volume supply. There will only be
very minimal setting adjustments needed between patients, if at all.

Just turn it on , adjust the respiratory rate and FiO2 and it will work.

Ventilation modes

Mandatory ventilation: A/C (assist/control) all breaths are mechanical breaths. Ideal for muscle recovery: work of breathing is reduced, the patient triggers the ventilator does the work at the same size of the mechanical breaths. Tidal volume is always monitored.

Backup ventilation: In this mode the Apnea setting controls the time allowed without activation of breaths before the ventilator starts sending mandatory breaths.

Monitor: Keeps monitoring the tidal volume and pressure from a patient with spontaneous breathing. Vt monitor capability.

Ventilation type: Time cycle, pressure limited (PCV)

Mode selection; Mandatory ventilation (A/C), Backup ventilation, Monitor

PIP 0 to 80cmH2O 1cmH2O resolution

PEEP 0 to 20cmH2O 1cmH2O resolution

Breath rate 1 to 255 BPM 1BPM resolution

Inspiration time: 0.1 to 3.0sec 0.1sec resolution (no inverse ratio allowed)

Breath Detection: Flow-based, 0.1 to 10.0 Lpm sensitivity

Supply of the following: Eliciae MV20 main unit, Test lung, Disposable patient circuits, Heat & Moisture Exchanger with bacterial and viral filtration.

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