The auction clock trading system is an instrument which will find the correct market price, a price discovery mechanism based on actual demand. This is unknown in the medical sector at the moment and can change a lot when introducing into the markets.

GMC aims to change the trading conditions at the benefit of the producers/suppliers and the buyers by validate the whole supply chain and produces, with key elements innovation, guarantee of transactions, quality control, trust, automation in the medical supply chain, and transparency.

01Main objective

Bring together medical supply and demand

Offer to the buyers the most extensive and varied medical supply and a fair competition

01Benefits for the markets

Price and market consolidation
Improved communications and advance information lead to fewer fluctuations in price
Automated back-office

02Benefits for the suppliers/factories

  • Increased access to international markets and buyers
  • Improved speed of sale
  • Promotion of the product
  • Access to detailed market information
  • No-middle man
  • Protection of reputation
  • Negotiation power, the auction system negotiates for you
  • Greater price stability and higher average prices by expanding client base

02Benefits for the buyers

  • Increased access to international factories/producers and products
  • Public access for negotiation of buyers and sellers on equal terms
  • Access to detailed market information
  • Real-time product and price comparison
  • Product validation, Ensuring quality
  • Certificates validation
  • Reliability of suppliers and all involved transactions
  • Secure payments

03GMC Auction platform guarantees

  • Quality Control
  • Speed of delivery
  • Transparent Price fixing mechanism
  • Daily Clearing & Settlement
  • Negotiation Power
  • Marketing & Commercial Power
  • Brand awareness & product Validation
  • For buyers, access to a wide variety of Medical products directly from the source and at a fair price
  • For sellers, direct access to international markets

The Result: A happy producer/factory who has marketing power and direct access to International markets, and a happy buyer who has direct access to quality medical products at a better price day in day out, and through a reliable system!