About GMC Team

Experienced Founders with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Medical supply in the public & private sector, Sales, and International Business.

01Who we are

We are GMC-Global Medical Corridors e-auction platform for Medical supply .

GMC, established in 2020, is a Medical, technological, commercial, marketing and logistic service provider, bringing supply and demand together in a reliable and coordinated manner. GMC offers a wide spectrum of services, from the first stage of medical production up to the electronic auction and delivery.

The purpose of GMC electronic auction infrastructure is to create product validation and access  to international markets for the buyers as well as for the suppliers of Medical equipment, by bringing the supplier/factory closer to the buyer. GMC international platform link/unite directly the suppliers/buyers and sales organizations by providing the latest technological tools taking into account the producers/suppliers and buyers’ needs! All the users use only “1 tool” to do all of their business and to exchange the necessary information, GMC E-Auction platform.

GMC has a worldwide network of Medical supplier, focusing on China as the main pool of supply.

02How we do it

GMC business model, a de-centralized network of Medical suppliers, producers, factories, commercial professionals, supported by a central administration that provides all the necessary tools.

You have 1 cloud base central server system (GMC dealing room) which communicates with all the International certified suppliers/factories involved in selling the products. In each factory and warehouse, supplied products are registered with their product characteristics and the right storage location with the dates of receipt indicated. These data are centrally stored. Our certified selling parties enter the supply they want to sell on the clock system via GMC web portal after logging in successfully. Products belong to the supplier and is either sitting into his storage facilities near production site, or are pre-shipped to GMC EU & USA terminals, still belonging to the supplier. Each supplier member of the network, collectivity, group of producers, exporters, is free to choose and upload into the system the quantities and qualities he has at his disposal each time, as well as the trading tool he wishes to use for the selling of his produces. In this way, we will get a certain stock, which can be sold afterwards to the “registered buyers” through the various e-auction sales tools. Supply and demand are brought together! Buyers have access from distance in to the platform with a membership card, and can have a real time overview of what is available and can participate in the scheduled auctions, or pre-order quantities, and negotiate prices and volumes directly through the electronic platform. Buyer can check the stock of all the members/medical suppliers or can ask who can deliver this for that price to the NTW members.